The Sing As One Festival of the Young Voices of the World

The Sing As One Festival of the Young Voices of the World


Lumen Fidei Young Voices of the World - The Light of Faith –
 Lyrics by Marian Louise L. Abio
 Music by Jude B. Roldan

< 楽曲の説明 >
Lumen Fidei instills in us God’s loving light and inspiration.
Every time we sing, we share with others this light we have been bestowed upon.
We are called to unite everyone in music, in hope, and in love.

< Choirs 26 choirs from 22 countries >

Hamilton Children’s Choir (Canada) Zimfira Poloz
ISA Choir Academy (China) Victoria Vakulishyna
Ulmer Spatzen Chor (Germany) Hans de Gilde
Kodaly Conservatory Children’s Choir (Greece) Michalis Patseas
Diocesan Girls’ Junior School Choir (Hong Kong) Kelvin Lau
Saint Angela Choir (Indonesia) Roni Sugiarto
Le Allegre (Italy) Fabio Pecci
Ikeda Junior Choir (Japan) Kayoko Shibuya
Young Choral Academy (Malaysia) Susanna Saw
Qatar Youth and Junior Choir (Qatar) Alena Pyne
Melodia (Russia) Evgenia Kudrichevskaya
Bedok South Secondary School Choir (Singapore) Marcus Lee
Voices of Singapore Children’s Choir (Singapore) Darius Lim
Tygerberg Children’s Choir (South Africa) Karina Erasmus
Chunsong Children’s Choir (South Korea) Heechurl Kim
Soul Sounds Academy (Sri Lanka) Soundarie David Rodrigo
Taipei Philharmonic Youth and Children’s Choir (Taiwan) Sandy Fu
Wattana Girls Chorus (Thailand) Sathit Sukchongchaipruk
Immaculate Heart of Mary Children’s Choir (USA) Cristopher Avendano
Shenandoah Valley Children’s Choir (USA) Janet Hostetter
Vinschool One Choir (Vietnam) Tô Ngọc Tú
Kantabella (Philippines) Jude B. Roldan
Young Voices of the Philippines Maria Theresa Vizconde-Roldan