World Symposium on Choral Music, National Theatre of Korea, 11 August 2014.



前半 00:28- 日本の古謡・民謡
後半 28:07- ある科学者の言葉(野平一郎作曲)

00:28- AIZUBANDAISAN(Fukushima Folk Song)
02:25- SAKURA SAKURA(Cherry Blossoms)
06:07- Ichiban hajime wa (Counting song)
08:18- Antagata doko sa? (Where are you from?)
10:40- HOTARU KOI(Firefly come)
12:28- Karasu Kanemon Kanzaburo(Japanese Traditional Song)
13:50- Hera Hera No Kamisama (The God Who Laughs Foolishly)
16:45- KOKIRIKO(Japanese Traditional Song)
20:45- Kotoba-asobi Uta (Word game Song)
24:55- Furusato (Home town)
28:07- ARU KAGAKUSYA NO KOTOBA (The words left by Albert Einstein) (17分45秒の作品)


10:45-11:10 Rehearsal on stage for 25 min.
12:15-12:45 25 min. concert at ‘Dal’ Hall
15:30-16:30 Rehearsal on stage for 45min. at ‘Hae’ Hall
19:30-20:15 45 min. concert at ‘Hae’ Hall




We will sing the words left by Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist who lived in the 20th century.
On life
On science
And some words on politics, war and peace.
It is full of insight and wisdom,
That to us living in the 21st century
It will teach us many things.
(Ichiro NODAIRA)
I am not a genius.
I have only kept at one thing longer than the other people.
I don’t have any special gift.
I only have ardent curiosity.
I am truly “a lone traveler”.
People are all the same.
What is most incomprehensible about the world is that the world is comprehensible.
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystery.
This is the source of true art and science.
By not knowing this and to those who cannot wonder or feel a surprise, they are good as dead.
What is important to them is to continue to have a question.
Why do you blame yourself?
Others scold you when it is necessary, isn’t that enough?

We don’t know anything.
All of our knowledge does not differ from the elementary school children.
Sometime in the future we might have known a little bit more about things than now.
However, we will never know the true essense of nature.

To learn something, the best way is to experience them yourself.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
There’s a limit to knowledge.
Imagination envelops the world.
Wisdom is something you cannot learn in the school, but it is something you learn in your lifetime.

To be tolerant does not mean you are indifferent to other’s actions or feelings.
Understanding and sympathy must be there.
The most important thing is the tolerance of society or nation to the individuals.

Violence may clear swiftly the obstacles sometimes.
But violence itself has never been proved that it is creative.

When I signed a letter to President Roosevelt for suggesting a production of an atomic bomb,
I have made my biggest mistake in my life.

How will the World War Ⅲ be fought?
I don’t know.
But I do know how about the World War Ⅳ.
It will be fought with stones and sticks.
I am not a genius.
I have only kept at one thing longer than the other people.
If I didn’t become a physicist I would probably be a musician.
I often think it musically
I daydream like a music.
I understand life by musical terms.
I gain most of my joy from music.
What I have said nonchalantly
The words one by one,
I didn’t dream it would be recorded so quickly.
If I knew, I would probably run away far deep inside myself.
Albert Einstein